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Total in Brunei joins the global gas flaring reduction partnership to reduce carbon emissions

Working safely and respect for the environment has always been a commitment for Total in Brunei when running our day-to-day operations. One of the initiatives was the installation of an 80-tonne Flash Gas Compressor which is capable of both reducing the environmental impact and enhancing the plant’s efficiency. This effort was very well received by the local community and relevant stakeholders.

Total Onshore Processing Plant in Lumut

Total in Brunei joined the public-private Global Gas Flaring Reduction (GGFR) Partnership, initiated in 2001 by the World Bank, and has pledged to halve flaring at our operated sites between 2005 and 2012. The concept of flaring is not only to remove excess gas out of the liquid stabilization process, it is also a very important component for safety measure.

We have been in operations in Brunei since 1986. The Onshore Processing Plant was built in 1997 and had its first gas produced in 1999. With the installation of the Flash Gas Compressor, we aim to minimize continuous flaring:

  •  To improve our Onshore Processing Plant efficiency
  •  To reduce the Environment impact

With this action, we hope to inspire other industry players to also follow in our footsteps in reducing the gas flaring and carbon emissions, thus providing for a greener environment.

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