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Maharajalela South Project Supports Energy Industry Competency Program

The Maharajalela South Project led by Total in Brunei provided the opportunity in developing the competency level of the local resources for the industry where a total of about 60 young trainees from the Energy Industry Competency Framework Program (EICF) were involved in the project, giving them the opportunity to learn new skills in lifting, scaffolding, welding and painting operations. The transfer of knowledge, skills and experience are priceless. It also provided business opportuinities to local companies involved in the project.

Total Develops Production in Brunei

The Maharajalela South (MLS) Project is a project investment led by Total with the objective to develop the gas production of the existing facilities at the Onshore Processing Plant in Brunei. The project scope includes:

  • Installation of a new 12 slot normally-unmanned wellhead platform named MLJ3, with the jacket and piles fabricated locally.
  • Replacement of some of the offshore pipeline and installation of new in-field pipeline
  • Debottlenecking of the onshore gas processing plant (OPP) to accommodate the higher flow rates.

Safety a Priority for Production Growth

The project today has recorded a total of almost 6 million man hours with Zero (0) Lost Time Injury. It has involved up to 100 people and 19 nationalities mobilized to six different locations in three countries within South East Asia to ensure its smooth execution.

People Development

Together with the support from the regulators as well as contractors, Total participated in developing the competency level and skills of local communities as well as local resources which is vital for the future of the country.



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