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Harina Ramlee

Harina Ramlee, committed to people development

Harina Ramlee

Harina Ramlee is currently the Corporate Services Manager heading 4 sections, namely Human Resources, Communications & CSR, IST and General Services. She is a people person and values knowledge sharing. She started her career in human resources before being sent for International Assignment to Qatar and then returning back home as the first local Head of Department.

You are the first local HOD in Brunei. How does that make you feel?

Grateful, and being the first local, I can bring value by bridging the local culture & values, management approach and stakeholder management with Total. This is very important to ensure the adaptation of international company in the host country.

Can you share your journey with Total?

As a fairly fresh graduate back in 2003, the challenges that were offered to me at that time enticed me to start my career with Total in Human Resources and Corporate Communications. I have so many beautiful memories as well as enriched experiences that have contributed to both my professional and personal life. The synergy, support and trust I had from management and my team was very significant for building up and strengthening my working experience and professionalism which eased my way of becoming an ambasador amongst few Bruneians on International Assignment.


Knowledge will only grow when shared



2016 - Present

Corporate Services Manager, TEPB


2012 - 2015

International Assignment, TEP Qatar


2009 - 2012

Head of Human Resources & Corporate Communications, TEPB


2005 - 2009

Head of Human Resource Development, TEPB


2003 - 2005

Admin Officer, TEPB