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Shafeeqah Morshidi from Geosciences


A Mad Perfectionist Juggler

Shafeeqah Morshidi is a young operation well site geologist for Total Brunei and is our first local female to be assigned to work offshore on the Noble Sam Hartley Drilling Rig at the Maharajalela South field 50 km off the Brunei Coast. She describes herself in her own words as a mad perfectionist juggler.

Why did you decide to work for Total?
I joined Total in early 2007. At that time the conventional path for graduates was to join Brunei Shell petroleum. I wanted something different. When I got a job offer from Total, I didn't think twice about it. I wasn't afraid of being outside my comfort zone, but little did I know, it also meant learning to speak French on top of learning new things in this industry. Looking back these nine years, I think it was a good decision and has been well worth it!

Can you share your past professional experiences?
I started off with development geology, and because we were a small team, I had the opportunity to do some exploration work which led to the discovery of the Maharaja Lela South field. Afterwards I joined the regional synthesis team, looking at mature fields and searching for new prospects for the whole of Brunei. This job has taught me several things, one of which was that big elephants don’t come easy, they hide and you just need to believe and never give up.

For aspiring graduates, be open to new challenges, tackle each obstacle and above all be humble.

"Raise your words not your voice, it is rain that grows flowers not thunder"

Short Resume



Operations/Wellsite Junior Geologist



Joined Total as Junior Geologist



Graduated from Imperial College London with MSc Petroleum Geosciences



Graduated from Imperial College London with BSc in Geology